CHRR to seek legal action on Abortion Bill

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Centre for Human Rights Rehabilitation (CHRR) has revealed its plans to seek litigation on safer reproductive rights by seeking the court’s determination on the Abortion Bill.

Speaking Wednesday during a two-day workshop in Salima when the organisation (CHRR) engaged faith-based leaders and community-based organisations on litigation of Sexual Reproductive justice, CHRR Executive Director Micheal Kaiyatsa, said legal redress is their last resort.

He emphasized that the country’s Constitution provides for the right to seek legal action on matters that affect the wellbeing of people, therefore, it is high time that courts should be involved on unsafe abortions.

On this point, he said building the capacity of faith-based and community-based leaders would help champion a common goal of sensitising the community on sexual reproductive justice.

Kaiyatsa, therefore, reiterated that the Safe Abortion Bill is critical in reducing the number of women that die because of unsafe abortions.

The bill, said Kaiyatsa, rather provides more grounds for women to have safe abortion.

Prayer Coordinator for Salima Pastors’ Fraternal, Pastor Geoffrey Mputa said the training workshop had equipped religious leaders with knowledge on the country’s justice system and what the Constitution stipulates on seeking litigation on different matters.

Mputa said the grounds that CHRR had provided for seeking legal action appeared tangible and worth taking into consideration because the wellbeing of women is important.

The Malawi Parliament withdrew the Abortion Bill from debate in 2021 following opposition to the proposal to liberalise the country’s law on the same, which only allows abortions when the mother’s life is at risk.

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