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Come And Arrest Us All-Kalindo

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Politician-cum-comedian Bon Kalindo is threatening to lead concerned villagers at Chitipi in Lilongwe into vigils at the residence of the Bangladesh national, Muhammad Manani if he fails to surrender back over 166 hectares of land to the villagers.

“If they want to arrest then they can came and arrest each and everyone in this village including me; l don’t even care, we are ready to fight.

“Considering that this is Malawi and this is our land, we don’t mind whether the issue is in court or not but so long as government gave these people a go-ahead to erect whatever they want, we are going ahead,” said Kalindo.

Leader of the concerned villagers, Alfoso Zudu Jamali claims former Lands Minister, Kezzie Msukwa told them to take back their land after allegedly noting that the Bangladesh national had no written documents to claim ownership of the land.

Msukwa has not commented on the claim.

He adds Manani has been using police officers to intimidate the villagers.

In March last year, High Court Judge, Justice Kenyatta Nyirenda ruled in favour of Manani as a rightful owner of the land.

Nyirenda also granted a permanent injunction to Manani restraining villagers from entering or trespassing into the land.

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