Exposed! British NCA bankrolls PIJ to victimize successful business persons, politicians, judges in Malawi

The truth be told! The establishment of Platform for Investigative Journalism (PIJ) as an independent hub for public interest still remain questionable.

By Our Reporter
With about a year into full operation, the platform gets direct funding from British National Crime Agency (NCA) via British High Commission Office in Malawi.

PIJ membership has nothing to do apart from working for the Britons. Some of articles said to be investigative have been challenged in court.

The British NCA are spending huge sum of money to PIJ through British High Commission office in the name project funding.

The current British High Commission to Malawi David Beer is the one masterminded the whole project.

The British High Commission is fully paying for PIJ team leader Gregory Gondwe’s house rent, offices, monthly upkeep including legal expert for lawsuits.

No wonder, British High Commission office was furious when Gondwe was summoned at Police in Blantyre, interfering Malawi’s internal matter.

The same British High Commission Office pressurized courts and police to leave Chizuma from questioning on the leaked audio case which is in court.

The platform is getting momentum currently on staged propaganda against successful businessman Zuneth Sattar.

PIJ through British funding made agreement with embattled Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) Director General Martha Chizuma to share notes or any document suspected to have worked with Sattar for their prey.

Consequently, any information related to corruption happening in Malawi, PIJ obtains from Chizuma with the blessings of British NCA.

Chizuma has been working tirelessly with PIJ and social media friends including Onjezani Kenani, Idriss Nasah, Chisa Mbele , Gogo gowoka and Benson Jackson Ojesi (Malawi Congress Party zealots) to solely attack Sattar to the end.

Unfortunately, British NCA is using these individuals unknowingly apart from Chizuma and PIJ who are fully funded for one course, thats Sattar.

If you have notice on PIJ operatives are fully on Sattar nothing more serious is being reported by any other person on its platform.

What is shared on Sattar regarding to Wednesday, court case, it’s sorely verbatim from Kondwani Munthali not necessarily on what the court observed.

The said court document circulating by Munthali was submitted by Martha Chizuma when in April 2022 sneaked outside the country to meet his sponsors in UK.

NCA should not lie to the nation that it did investigation.

Chizuma is the one complied all of it submitted to NCA and PIJ is also lying that it investigated the matter or obtained the document with court privileges.

NCA is aiming at robbing businessman Zeneth Sattar’s worthy obtained years of hard work.

We have information that NCA told Sattar to surrender his assets to them if he wants freedom which is day light robbery from Britons.

Surprisingly, NCA is sweeting on Sattar without any complaint from Malawi government with the use of PIJ and Chizuma for British interests.

Developed nations including UK, USA, France, Germany have never had good will to poor countries like Malawi.

They will use their dollars and pound to entice poor heads coupled with poverty in the name of helping the developing nations while having hidden agenda the case with PIJ, fully funded by Britons.

Currently, PIJ membership is very excited with funding gets from British Aid to victimize their own brothers and sisters in the name investigative journalism.

Be watchful Malawians!!!

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