Fire Zikhale Ng’oma -Mzuzu Youths

The Mzuzu youth caucus has called for the firing of minister of Homeland Security and Director General of Immigration saying they have failed to deliver according to their mandate to Malawians.

Chairperson for the grouping, Gomezgani Nkhoma alleges that failure to deliver by the offices these two hold is as a result of unchecked corruption, negligence and immature politics which in turn has affected issuing of passports among other things.

The sentiments come when the department of immigration has for almost a month now not been issuing passports which initially was blamed on a problem with their system.

However, President Lazarus Chakwera told parliament that failure to issue the passports is as a result of hacking of the passport printing software by some people who are now on record to have been demanding a ransom.

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