Kalindo offers apology to Catholic Bishops in Malawi

By Vincent Gunde

Catholic Bishops have given up on MCP government, so too, are Malawians

Political activist Bon Elias Kalindo, has apologized to all Catholic Bishops in Malawi for his negative thinking against them that they were siding with the MCP led government in sharing the cakes on the table together forgetting the suffering of their flocks.

Kalindo said for four years of the MCP led Tonse Alliance government, Catholic Bishops have been releasing Pastoral Letters not touching in the mind of the poor people making many Malawians to be thinking that the church has forgotten their pain and sufferings.

He said Catholic Bishops had for all along been thinking on how best to issue a Pastoral Letter siding with the suffering Malawians saying time has now come for them to drop a bomb in the eyes of the MCP that Malawians are regretting to have voted for them into government in June, 2020.

Speaking through an audio clip circulating in various social media platforms, Kalindo said Malawians lost hope that their nation would one day been freed from the MCP saying the Catholic Bishops in Malawi have set light that Malawi will soon be liberated.

Kalindo said Catholic Bishops in Malawi have sent a strong message to all Malawians that justice is a strong weapon to set Malawians free thanking them on behalf of the poor citizens for leading the way that them too, have lost trust in the country’s leadership.

“On behalf of all the poor citizens in Malawi, receive my heartfelt thanks for siding with the suffering Malawians, this is the way to go,” he said.

He encouraged Malawians to go through each and every line of the Pastoral Letter for them to make informed choice that never again to vote for the MCP into government expressing confidence that no Malawian wise enough could waste time voting for the MCP.

On political violence that saw DPP members harassed, hacked and damaging at least 7 vehicles which were planned to be on the DPP Blue Convoy Parade in Lilongwe, Kalindo has accused the MCP of rushing into releasing a statement disassociating itself from the attacks on DPP members.

Kalindo said it has now been established that a-three-tonner vehicle which brought the thugs armed with panga knives, stones and catapults belong to a senior member of the MCP advising the party not to rush into defending evils for the party to be labelled clean.

He has since called on the Malawi Police Service (MPS) not to hide through “thorough investigations” claiming that the thugs are for the MCP and no need to conduct investigations but to effect arrests of the perpetrators for justice to prevail.

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