LIA Relief Trust Charity Introduced by Zuneth Sattar

by Claire James

The LIA Relief Trust is a charitable organisation that works in some of the most impoverished and in need areas of the world, delivering aid to those in need after experiencing conflict, war, and natural disasters. The aid provided by the charity ranges from the provision of immediate necessities for survival such as nutrition and clean water, to longer-term assistance including the establishment of schools and workshops.

Supported by Donations

The LIA Relief Trust is the chosen charity of Zuneth Sattar, who helps the organisation with any emergency appeals, including the recent appeals for Yemen and India. As a charitable organisation LIA relies on support from donors to help fund the valuable work being carried out and potentially save thousands of lives.

The charity operates a 100% donation policy, meaning any money donated goes directly to the beneficiaries. Nothing is taken from donations to pay for administration costs, fundraising or other causes not directly related to providing aid.

Emergency Relief

Emergency relief in the form of food and clean water are essential for immediate survival. LIA operates various safe water projects, including tanks, water trucks and hand pumps, to ensure no community has to drink or wash in contaminated, unsafe or dirty water.

The charity also runs a Feeding Programme, which delivers nutritious, specially designed food packs to families in need that last for a full month. The teams on the ground supplement these food packs with items such as freshly baked bread and hot cooked meals.

LIA also provides medical treatment that saves lives.

Long-Term Aid

Longer-term aid helps communities displaced or otherwise affected by conflict or disaster to return to some semblance of normality and prepare for a better future. LIA helps build educational centres and establishes schools and orphanages, providing education that offers children the chance to learn the necessary skills to improve their lives as adults.

Education is one of the key tools in lifting communities out of poverty. Education and workshops introduced to communities by LIA help children and adults lift themselves out of poverty

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