Low Patronage Fails To Dissappoint Tikweza Maso Kumapiri Album LAUNCH

The patronage was handful at the Golden Peacock Hotel in Blantyre on Sunday. But that was not reason enough to disappoint the colourful launch of the 16-truck, Tikweza Maso Kumapiri, music album by the Soche based group, Mpachika CCAP Church Choir that left the audience mesmerized with its impressive performance.

Certainly, it set new benchmarks and standards among church choirs on how best they should up their game when it comes to music album launches.

During the launch, the 90 percent youthful composed choir dished out over seven songs with powerful vocal performance that appealed to the audience.

More amazing were the amazingly well coordinated and arranged live vocals and orchestra instruments that would make one think it was a recorded session that had simply gone through some editing.

Esther Mwandauka was part of the audience and says she was impressed with the group’s performance.

“It feels like it’s not a choir launch, the levels have changed. The event is top notch that one could imagine it’s like the launch of already established urban artists,” Mwandauka said.

And Paul Feston echoes Mwandauka’s sentiments and hails the group for the well delivered performance.

“Performance is beyond my expectations, despite being album launch on the other part it has lifted up my spiritual life,” reasoned Feston.

But the choir’s chairperson Eleneo Hezekiah said the turnout didn’t really matter to them.

Explained Hezekiah: “Our focus was not on patronage but delivering what we planned and we thank God for making the event possible. We are looking forward for more colourful events.”

The album, whose project started in 2018, has been dedicated to late Kajoola Phiri who died in 2014. He is the one who composed the album title track “Tikweza Maso Kumapiri”.

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