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MACRA to train Police PROs on digital communication

The Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA) has pledged to equip the Malawi Police Service with knowledge on the digital space to enable Public Relations Officers (PRO) become digitally engaged as communication technologies advance in Malawi.

The statement was made in Blantyre at Sunbird Mount Soche Hotel on 5th January, 2023, during the official opening ceremony of a series of regional trainings themed “Policing in the digital era”.

“As a regulator of ICT services our aim is to ensure a safe digital space for all. We hope that such initiatives as this workshop will go a long way in building capacity for our police force and equip them with the right tools to deal with digital and cyber crimes,” stated the Director General for MACRA, Mr. Daud Suleman.

Suleman emphasized that Police PROs are at the heart of information sharing in the Police Service hence need to be aware of the diverse technologies in order to effectively execute their duties.

In her remarks, the Inspector General of Police Mrs. Merlyn Yolamu said the trainings are timely owing to the dynamic environment that Police is currently operating.

“I am confident that this training will change and improve the performance of our PROs which will in turn, add value to the service delivery of the entire Malawi Police Service. By organizing this training workshop, you have demonstrated that you are a true partner and consider internal security of Malawi a priority,” said Yolamu.

Making his address, as the Guest of honour, MACRA board chairperson Dr. Stanley Khaila asked the participants to swiftly adapt and implement the knowledge they will earn from the trainings.

“PROs are more than ever have to be the voice of reason and credibility in a world of misinformation and disinformation,” he said.

The workshops will be held in Blantyre, Lilongwe and Mzuzu. The trainings are being facilitated by the Public Relations Society of Malawi.

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