Malawi Govt Scammed K30 Billion, Tonse Alliance Involved In A Syndicate


In what seems to be a defence for the SCAMMED 30 BILLION allegations that ministry of AGRICULTURE has gone into, it has been exposed that the Ministry paid and trusted a Company that have only 6 Employees with total NET ASSETS of less than 40 Million Malawi Kwacha and and total liability of over 130 million to supply AIP materials.

From the financial accounts of the company they trusted, it shows that their main business is in sale of Fruits and Vegetables not Fertilizer as indicated by Ministry. This means that the whole process was a SCAM know by the DOBADOBAs in the Ministry of AGRICULTURE.

If the Commitment Fees (750 Million) is anything to go by, Malawians have paid the Company almost 7 times the company’s liabilities and almost paying a company 50 times its Net Assets.

The Questions are:

How did the Ministry approve a company with no Capital, No Assets even without its fertilizer backed operations to enter into such a huge SCAM?

How did the PROCUREMENT committee of both the Ministry of AG, Ministry of Finance and Treasury approve such SCAM?

What made SFFRFM to trust a company with only 6 Employees, and a Million asset to supply 25000 MT?

Were the whole process of PPDA followed in such procurement?

Where was the Attorney General Approval?

From my OPINION, this company was formed just after MCP came into GOVERNMENT. You can connect the Dots.

Why is the President silent as if he is not even concerned with scandals happening the Ministry of Agriculture which also involve ADMARC?

The money being Mentioned is is also a SCAM, the actual Amount must be the 30 Billion.

It’s obvious that some BIG FISH at the TOP in Tonse Administration is running this Company and was only formed to Dupe MALAWI GOVERNMENT.


MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE and Treasury MUST Publicly produce all Invoices.

The Ministry, must Provide Minutes of their Approval to the Extent of Paying Such Huge amounts.

The President MUST act, Publicly Fire the Minister and all INVOLVED in the PROCUREMENT process.

The President MUST Publicly tell Malawians, if AIP will be Successful this season and who will be the beneficiaries.

The President must Launch an Investigation into the SYNDICATE.

ACB must Come in with a CRIMINAL Investigation.

MALAWI cannot develop with such useless CRIMINAL carnal minded Public Officials.

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