MCP Govt Under Chakwera Has Failed To Rule Malawi-Mutharika

Former President Peter Mutharika has accused the current administration of planning to rig the 2025 elections by registering underaged children in its strong hold.

The former leader has also accused the MCP of rigging plans through recruitment of Chief Elections Officer who he claims is an MCP diehard.

He says his party is aware that the MCP government is deliberately not renewing national IDs for people in other regions apart from the central region.

He has challenged the government to conduct the registration fairly so that all people will be able to vote in 2025.
Mutharika says President Chakwera is being insensitive through his frequent traveling.

He claims that Chakwera has travelled overseas 34 times, which he says is a drain on public resources.
The former President has also accused the Government of failing to rehabilitate Kapichira Hydro power station to solve the current energy crisis.

Mutharika challenges the government to quickly find other sources of power as it is waiting to rehabilitate the hydro power station in the lower Shire.

Former President Peter Mutharika has also faulted the current administration for closing Admarc and for the looting of maize which was supposed to benefit Malawians.

He says maize is very important hence the government must investigate and arrest all people involved in theft of maize at Admarc and the National Food Reserve Agency (NFRA).
On the country’s economy, Mutharika has accused what he calls the MCP government of having a huge appetite for borrowing.

He claims his administration left over $1 billion dollars in office which has since been plundered.

The former leader says Malawi cannot achieve the IMF’s extended credit facility because of huge debts and a rise in commodity prices.

He challenges the government to find an economic direction that will tackle the increasing inflation.

Mutharika says Malawi’s economy has collapsed because there is not enough import cover at the moment as evidenced by the fuel crisis.
Former President Peter Mutharika says President Lazarus Chakwera is no longer interested in the affairs of the country.

He says while Malawians are suffering, Chakwera has been hiring private jets and travelling abroad for “photoshoot opportunities”.

Mutharika says the MCP government has opened up looting of AIP budgets which he says will affect Malawians.

He has faulted the government for considering to buy fertilizer from “a butchery in Britain”.

Mutharika asked the ACB and Fiscal Police to quickly investigate AIP-related corruption.

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