Mirece conducts AIP research in Dowa

Reverend Flywell Somanje and village leaders sharing concerns for Dowa Central East constituency

The research which a human rights organization on good governance the Millennium Information and Resource Centre [Mirece] conducted in Dowa district has showed that only 23 percent [23 people out of 100] Affordable Input Programme [AIP] beneficiaries have accessed fertilizer.
The research has found that 19 people out of 100 [19 percent] have accessed NPK fertilizer while 4 people out of 100 [4 percent] have accessed Urea fertilizer a development which is giving a clear picture that AIP has failed in the district.
A visit to Dowa Central East constituency a new constituency created to cover Dowa boma has proved that only a few beneficiaries have accessed fertilizer while majority of people have lost hope that they will access the commodity.
The Mirece wrote the Malawi Electoral Commission [Mec] to demarcate Dowa Central East a thing which was done that in the previous years, three MPs were sharing a part each, Dowa East, Dowa South East and Dowa North East constituencies.
The creation of Dowa Central East constituency has forced all the three MPs Richard Chimwendo Banda, Sam Dalitso Kawale and Halima Daudi to concentrate in their own areas leaving this constituency into the hands of nobody in the distributions of AIP fertilizers.
Mirece’s Director Reverend Flywell Somanje, has observed that people of Dowa Central East constituency are not accessing fertilizer besides having a fertilizer depot which the three constituencies’ fertilizer comes at this depot before inviting owners to come and collect it.
Reverend Somanje has asked the authorities to tell the people of Dowa Central East what offence have they committed for them not have a share of own fertilizer while their counterparts at Chibanzi, Lumbadzi and Mvera are accessing it.
….’’If the people committed an offence seeking to have their own constituency, tell them to find other alternatives for fertilizer,’’….he said.
Meanwhile, Commander in Chief of Muvi wa Chilungamo Revolutionary Party [MRP] Bantu Saunders Jumah, has asked government to tell the people the truth on AIP saying if there is no fertilizer, they will go alone other than relying on the government that does not care for its citizens.
Jumah said AIP is a mess, people are angry with President Chakwera for promising them that there is fertilizer available making it to be on track but on the ground, there is no fertilizer.
He said the Tonse Alliance government must be ashamed of itself that all the challenges being faced with this year’s AIP are man-made following the K30 billion meant for it landed into an animal slaughtering house in London for fertilizer which is nowhere to be seen on the markets.
….’’Besides being shameful, AIP is an insult to Malawians and no wonder Malawians are angry with President Chakwera,’’….said Jumah.

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