MTL, Access Malawi Risks Licences Revoked For K3.3 Billion Unpaid Debts

Malawi Telecommunications Limited (MTL) and Access Malawi risk having their Licenses revoked if they fail to pay MACRA debt amounting to K3.3 billion.

Daud Suleman, Director General for Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA) has told the Public Accounts Committee this afternoon that the two companies have already been engaged in discussions for them to pay their license fees but they are yet to do so.

Suleman has told the Committee that the two companies are owing MACRA a combined amount of K3.3 billion and the Authority has set May this year to conclude on this matter.

“The two should clear their debt because if they fail to do so, their licenses will be revoked,” Suleman has said.

He has also told the Committee that MTL’s license is already under renewal but MACrA hasn’t considered the renewal because of the debt.

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