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Namalomba Hits Chakwera On High Fuel Hike

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Honourable Shadreck Namalomba writes;

Good Morning my fellow Malawians,

I can decorate president Chakwera as a self-centered political lay-man. He knows nothing about political leadership—or just leadership. Where MALAWI has reached—in any civilized country—the president must have already addressed the nation on the cost of living crisis, and add more tough measures to mitigate the impact. But no. He—personally—is too satisfied with whatever he rakes from corruption to serve the nation.

Look at this:

Civil servants’ salary increment for this year is just an ant size. 15%. While devaluation is now an elephant size. 25%. Obviously, civil servants are struggling with 10% devaluation.

Fuel prices hike has swollen to 44.2%, commodity prices increase now at 600%, inflation now at 19.1%, electricity tariffs increased by 4%.

Who will survive with these unequal adjustments between costs and revenue? For sure, the president and his family.

I recall very well after Joyce Banda’s administration and Cashgate. Economy was unprecedentedly bad. When ‘DPP and Prof. APM’ was voted into power everything changed. The economy utterly improved. No one can deny that DPP was for the people.

But look now—under this adminstartion—poor Malawians are now just used as a robotic and sycophantic voting machine. No wonder Tonse Alliance government can offer in such a time is a fat middle finger. This government is treating voters with the well-earned contempt.

I think—for three decades now—voters in this country still don’t understand that an election is about them. They think an election is about politicians. That is why people insist on going to vote even when there is nothing to vote for on the ballot. Malawi deserve better.

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