Propaganda Within Unima UTM Wing Amidst Alleged Squandering Of Funds

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Amidst political tension surrounding United Transformation Movement(UTM) at national level, the University of Malawi UTM wing has dismissed allegations that the wing’s leadership mismanaged funds meant for different activities within the party.

Speaking to Chanco News in an interview, the UTM wing Treasurer General, Emmanuel Dickson denied the rumour circulating on UTM social media platforms that there was mismanagement of funds and each penny was used for its intended purpose.

“We managed the funds according to the plans the money received was intended to do,” pointed out Dickson.

Dickson added that the rumors are being spread by people who are not genuine UTM members for their own propaganda .

In the same line, the General Secretary for the wing, Comfort Indunduzo Chauluka said the financial report is released when the executive is exiting unless members ask for the same before the term ends.

On part of holding wing elections Chauluka pointed out that the party wing elections are held when there is a blessing from senior party officials both physically and financially.

“UTM as a party has structures and these are the ones who authorize and send officials to officiate and grace the election exercise,” highlighted Chauluka.

Meanwhile the UTM wing president, Charles Dokera has issued a statement sympathizing with the State Vice President and UTM president who has been placed with corruption charges by the Anti-Corruption Bureau saying the UTM leader deserves to be prosecuted by a competent court of law to prove his innocence lest the charges remain what he calls “political vendetta”

Reported by Tiwonge Kumwenda



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