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Religious Faith Are Masters Of Pastoral Letters And Corruption

Malawian churches are the masters of pastoral letters. Both CCAP and Catholics are well known for producing the best pastoral letters. They tackle corruption and nepotism head on.

But let’s look at what these churches point out if they themselves live up to them. Nkhoma synod runs William Murray Secondary school. One of the best secondary schools then. Today, it is full of corruption and nepotism. Admission at William Murray depends on whether you are a son of a reverend of CCAP. They have ruined one of the best secondary schools with nepotism.

You have pointed out corruption in this regime, why then do you take part in blessing weddings of the same rulers whom you are saying are excerbating corruption? Is it not the same religious leaders busy conducting weddings of politicians? Why not shun them so that they should learn a lesson? If Kazako was poor like me, without a name l bet my last coin such a wedding would not have been showered with church blessings. We saw the same with the Catholic church conducting a mass for a politician who committed suicide at Parliament when its own doctrines does not allow it.

While we recommend the church for being active in curbing corruption, it should also apply to the church itself. The church in Malawi is also an entity that is promoting inequality between the rich and the poor. Kukondera a chuma Inu!!! You have different rules for the poor and the rich and you are not saints.

Next time don’t just dwell on Pastoral letters. They are outdated and of no impact. Next time, refuse to officiate weddings, funerals of corrupt politicians. Show them that Malawians are pissed off with corruption.

…mukuti mu boma muli corruption yet you are busy blessing the weddings of the same corrupt people, baptising them, giving them mgonero, accepting their tithe! Aaaah! Ma church? Muli ndi vuto. Yesu anakwapula anthu mkachisi…most of them were politicians!!

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