Rights activist calls Malawians defend the country from collapsing

An alleged agenda to arrest Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika

A Human Rights activist who is also Executive Director of the Malawi Watch Billy Banda, has called upon all Malawians to put their mind and hearts together to defend the country from collapsing in the hands of the MCP led Tonse Alliance government.
Banda said there is an agenda to arrest former President and DPP leader Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika so that he should not stand in the elections to come, calling upon all members who love the country to stand up to defend and protect Professor Mutharika.
He asked members of the Diplomatic Corps to tell Malawians which side they are so that together with Malawians they can stand up to defend the arrests of Professor Mutharika with fears that the country would go into civil strife and anarchy.
Speaking through an audio clip circulating in various social media platforms, Banda has claimed that President Chakwera snatched away government from a legitimate elected leader and God above is not happy with him asking him to repent for renewed Gods favor.
Banda has asked President Chakwera to surrender the stolen government to where it belongs to claiming that Malawians are suffering and are in pain more than the way they were during the DPP led government of Professor Mutharika claiming that as the writings are on the wall, there is nothing good to write about on Chakwera.
He said by today, Malawi could have taken a good path to another direction, saying Malawians are failing to promote their businesses as they don’t have money in their pockets and by today, all potholes along the roads of Malawi would have been filled but nothing has happened.
The Right activist has appealed to former President Dr. Bakili Muluzi not to live Malawians suffering alone but to stand with them so that together they can join hands in defending the country from collapse.
….’’This is the time for all Malawians of good thinking to join hands in liberating the country which is at the verge of collapse, Atupele Muluzi, Dr. Paul Gadama, Bright Msaka SC, Dr. Dalitso Kabambe, Bon Kalindo, and others, let’s strongly share our collaboration to save Malawians,’’….said Banda.
Meanwhile, Banda has thanked the Centre for Democracy and Development Initiatives [CDEDI] for organizing a vigil at Capital Hill in Lilongwe to demand proofs from the Attorney General Thabo Chakaka-Nyirenda on the K30 billion which Government put it to be MK 750 million meant for Affordable Input Programme [AIP].
Banda has also thanked Malawians and other activists for supporting CDEDI in the vigil that they are fighting for the common good and goals of Malawians who were duped of their taxes, urging Malawians not to be afraid, God will lead them in the fight for a good cause.
But, Banda has accused the Malawi Police Service [MPS] for not siding with the citizens as evidenced by their going away from the vigil living the suffering Malawians alone without protecting them from gangsters to attack them asking the Inspector General of Police Madam Yolamu to resign honorably.

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