Saturday, April 13

Malawi Freedom Network advice President Banda to fight corruption

If you thought Malawians are lazy people, I bet you a Dinosaur, think twice and you will know, check in our boards and you will see it, a big Dinosaur eating very hard working Malawians.

Malawi is a land-locked country and very poor as far as the word PRODUCTION is concerned (it can never produce a football player to England – I joke it with friends), and as such we mostly depend on other countries that have Ports and that produce products we don’t produce.

At this point lets all thank our brothers and sister, our fathers and mothers, who, daily or weekly are going to South-Africa, Mozambique, Zambia and Tanzania with the little Malawian products (may be mandasi, chambo or what, am trying to figure it out) and bring home products and items we don’t have, if it wasn’t for them, Malawians wouldn’t have how a TV set looks like, how a phone looks like, our Malawian ladies would never known ma leggings! 

As the saying goes no sweet without sweat, but it’s good to take a bath after sweating. Going out of Malawi and coming in is not an easy thing (bola kucheka matabwa) one would ever think of doing considering what our brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers are going through in the course of trying to bring goods in this country as business for them to earn a living.

1- $5000 maximum or R3000 maximum per individual per travel per month must be endorsed in the individual’s passport as per central bank’s requirements.

If these maximums are translated to Malawi Kwacha or anything to go by as far as business trips are concerned, they are very minimal considering prices of goods out there! a Dinosaur!

If The immigration offices have the most Dinosaur staff ever. They have so many stories to tell clients on the delays of their passports once applications are made, but the language gets into digits, your passport is ready within minutes “money talks, bullshit walks” sort of a thing, a Dinosaur!

We have the forex the Pass-doko/pass-port and are good to go! Our respective boarders have the most corrupt employees the world has ever had; infact corruption is better defined in Malawian boarders and not in the Oxford dictionary

If ones passport is not endorsed with the $5000 or R3000 that demands for R50 penalty fee, where these penalty fees are going, the Dinosaur at Mwanza and Dedza boarders is better placed to explain! Bus drivers or conductors demand MK1000.00 from every passenger aboard, as fees at Kapolo boarder! All of these go without receipts. If you don’t have money, for sure the Dinosaur will demand a phone or any item it wishes (kaya chitenje, kuti naye akawasoketsele akazache)

The immigration officials and police officers, not forgetting “The Zakeyuz” M.R.A are getting richer and richer, moving in expensive cars, living luxurious life, through kukama ng’ombe yoonda (corruption).

Your Excellency Mrs Joyce Banda, what do you do with this Dinosaur? Nature it and let the whole world come and watch it? Malawi Freedom Network will be happy to see a commission of inquiry being set to investigate the matter, kill the Dinosaur and let our fellow Malawians do business freely.

It’s very sad because most the people who suffer from these brutal escapades of our friends in our respective boarders are women (our mothers) and yet our Anti-corruption bureau (of which people are now beginning to think is the most corrupt bureau ever) is turning a blind eye on such activities.

Malawi Freedom Network hopes that your administration Your Excellency will seriously look into this issue

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