Sattar Is Victim Of His Own Generosity

I have been following up the issue of one Zuneth Sattar with keen interest since its unfolding few months ago.

What is of interest is the list of people both in public and private sectors he has been assisting.

Topping the list of those benefiting from his generosity are politicians in both the ruling and opposition parties.

What stirred the honet’s nest, is the investigation which British government instituted against its own citizen after observing a spate of spending spree on properties and cars.

The investigation unravelled alleged serious payouts to Malawian citizens in positions influence.

Before anyone starts throwing a stone at Sattar, let’s first look at behaviour of Malawians when they see a person with money. We flock to that person just to beg even if we have no service to offer in exchange.

Almost all business people in Malawi meet this fate. Just to mention but a few, talk of people like Mulli, Simama, Zagaf, Simbi Phiri just to mention but a few. Everyday they part ways with their hard earned money just to sort the never ending problems of our politicians and government officials in general.

What Sattar has been doing is not new neither is he the first nor last to do it.

Last December, South African based Simbi Phiri hosted a birthday party of his wife in Mchinji. Malawi President Dr. Chakwera, cabinet Ministers, senior government officials, politicians and ordinary Malawians camped there at the farm where they dined and wined. Should one therefore conclude that those that attended this event were being bribed?
I dont think so.

If Sattar got his contracts illegally that is another issue. Let those responsible for awarding government contracts be answerable not the contractor or supplier.

What i see here is that Sattar is a victim of his own open arms and generosity.

Otherwise the entire nation then belongs to jail since almost every citizen in this country has been given money from someone in one way or the other.

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