State Capture, Corrupt Kingpin Moshin Mussa Controls State All Levels On Corrupt Practices

(The power behind Moshin Mussa’s arrogance)

Massive revelation of extortion, corruption, forex externalization, blackmail, bullying and utter impunity by one Moshin Mussa.

Following extensive investigations we carried out, we can reveal that Malawi government is into state capture by some Malawians of Indian origin.

This publication will exclusively reveal how a business man by the name Moshin Mussa has captured the state at all levels including the executive, the judiciary and the enforcement agencies.

But who is Moshin Mussa?

Moshin Mussa is a Malawian business man of Indian origin. Moshin Mussa is brother to Mohammed Mussa who married Rafik Gaffar Bakali’s daughter. Rafik Gaffar Bakali is a senior member of the ruling Malawi Congress Party (MCP). He is also one of the main financiers of the party, as such he is well connected to the leadership of the party.
Moshin Mussa has taken advantage of his father in law”s connections to the country’s leadership and has grown big wings to the point that he controls ministries, departments and agencies as far as business is concerned.
Moshin Mussa uses two passports, one as Malawian citizen and another as a South African citizen which is in contravention of the immigration laws of Malawi.
The Malawian passport bears the name Moshin Mussa while the South African passport bears the name Moshin Nathavine. Malawi laws doesn’t allow anyone to have two passports. There is a need for a call up to investigate these issues of many Malawians of Asian origin doing this malpractice

Our investigations found out that Moshin Mussa is another corruption kingpin. Moshin Mussa bullies, blackmail and extort money from the association of Asian businessmen.
In one blackmail incident, Moshin blackmailed $1.3 million from Wahb Jaggot who was a partner to OG Plastics and ended up selling his house to late Rashid Suleiman owner of Siku Transport in order to pay Moshin Mussa the blackmailer.

Our exclusive investigations have also found undeniable evidence of Moshin Mussa practices of externalization of forex to South Africa using his two bank accounts as conduits. The bank accounts domiciled at Nation Bank and Standard bank have been proven to be used in extenalizing forex. All this happening under the watch of his trusted “boys” including deputy director of National intelligence Services (NIS) and Fiscal police.
Moshin Mussa has been publicly boasting and challenging that he is untouchable and can not be arrested nor reprimanded no matter what since he controls the State House, Judiciary(judges, magistrates and even court clerks are in his pockets), ministers,National Intelligence Service (NIS) Fiscal police, and top MRA officials which include deputy commissioner general Henry Ngutwa and Lusungu Gondwe.
Moshin has publicly mentioned minister Chimwendo Banda, Sean Kampondeni, Ngutwa, Lusungu Gondwe, judges, magistrates and police commissioners as his “boys” who can do nothing to arrest nor question him matter what, since all of them have benefited and are still benefiting from his corruption money. He even claim that top lawyers are also beneficiaries of his corruption money. This includes one thug lawyer who is still on bail answering attempted murder charge.

On MRA, Moshin has a tax evasion case where he ordered motorcycle and bicycle spare parts in the name of NGO. Due to his undue influence on MRA top management, Fiscal police and Judiciary, this case was swept under the carpet.
In our investigations we have seen call logs to judges, magistrates, ministers, NIS, fiscal police officers and MRA top officer to prove Moshin’s bragging in a mafia way. Moshin Mussa is bullying, threatening and intimidating members of the Malawi Asian Business Community to force his way to become its president/Chairman of Asian community in Malawi. He is even threatening with deportation those seem to be standing in his way, owing to his close connection to the power that be.
It is also on record as reported by Nyasa Times on 28th May 2021 that Moshin Mussa has been involved in kidnapping some members of the Asian community.

Moshin Mussa trades as:

  1. Mussa Nurmahomed
  2. Phazi Industries
  3. Jaano Property.

We have more undeniable evidence some of which was extracted from his phone contact number 0999951115.

We warn the Asian businesses community not to take Moshin Mussa seriously and do not fall into his trap. He is a blackmailer.

We will continue investing and exposing all corrupt and unscrupulous businessmen who are into state capture and are bringing our county’s economy down. MORE REVELATIONS TO COME

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