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Oops! ACB Director Martha Chizuma Attacks Judiciary, Attorney General

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In rather bizarre circumstance, Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) Director Martha Chizuma has accused the judiciary of receiving millions from Ashok Nair who was arrested some three weeks ago.

Chizuma, who is in a plot to finish off Malawians of Asian origin doing business with the government, made the accusation in a leaked voice call in our custody believed to have been leaked by her close associate.

The leaked audio comes barely days after High Court Judge Simeon Mdeza ordered a judicial review on the arrest of Ashok, and ordered his release from Prison where he was reminded.

According to Chizuma, the presiding Judge received money
According to Chizuma, the presiding Judge received money to release Ashok from the custody.

He also accused Anthony General Thabo Chakaka Nyirenda of protecting Asians of Malawian origin.

Pomwe timapita ku court timachita kuziwa kuti a Judge adyesedwa kale…. tidachita kudziwa before hearing kuti pamenepa yalakwa… kumene adapanga zinyakanyaka zawozo kumutulutsa Ashok (As we were going to the court we already knew that the judge has already given the money to release Ashok)…” said Chizuma in a leaked audio referring to the Judge as corrupt.

In a leaked conversation, Chizuma further accuses Sattar to have spent over $10 million since October 2021 when the investigations begun in Malawi with the illegal and unconventional involvement of the NCA to bribe people in order to halt the investigations.

Chizuma further alleges that Sattar has over 20 corrupt lawyers representing him in Malawi.

As a lawyer by profession, Chizuma breaches her duty towards his fellow lawyers to avoid making wild allegations of professional misconduct where she knows as a matter of fact that such allegations cannot be substantiated.

Chizuma confides in one of her sympathisers that the Britons started cooperating with her to illegally exchange evidence with the National Crime Agency (NCA) some time back.

According to Chizuma, the Britons know that the whole Sattar investigation depends on her integrity and not the much expected mutual assistance from the President Dr Lazarus Chakwera. Dr Chakwera is also involved in the scam according to Chizuma. Dr Chakwera is no longer supporting her from the moment the President knew that there is evidence against him.

She further states that her main strength is based on assurance of protection from the Britons, public sympathy and social media commentators led by Onjezani Kenani.

In a very damning statement, Chizuma lauds herself for her continued provision of confidential information relating to the Sattar investigations to Onjezani Kenani who is in turn mounting support for her illicit endeavours with the Britons in social media.

It is very unethical and against the Oath of Secrecy that Chizuma ought to strictly adhere for her not only to reveal information relating to the discharge of her duties to social media commentators let alone the Britons through personal interactions and not well set procedures for furnishing such information to the public or diplomatic institutions like NCA.

Chizuma further advises her sympathisers how Onjezani Kenani has been encouraging her following the release of one of the suspects, Ashok.

She goes on a floric of lauding herself as God sent fighter against corruption and even goes on to state that she does not care if her lousy and compromised approach to the investigations will hurt the Country and many innocent people and families.

According to Chizuma, even though the President no longer supports her investigations, the ACB will effect more arrests in the last part of January, 2022.

End January is action time for ACB, Chizuma says. She will not give up on her shameless journey to personal agrandisement with British honour at the expense of justice under Malawi laws.

She vows to mobilise the public against an all corrupt judiciary to ensure that, just like in the constitutional elections case, judges decide cases involving the Sattar investigations in favour of ACB.

She is clearly a threat to the constutionally guaranteed principle of the rule of law and criminal justice

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