Biography Of Zuneth Sattar

Zuneth Sattar

Director of Xaviar Limited and Xaviar Investments Limited Zuneth Sattar is an experienced and knowledgeable property investor. With interests that include both residential and commercial properties, Sattar is also taking steps to broaden his company’s investment portfolio to include property development projects.

Sattar’s first interest in property was in residential property investments for rental purposes, which still make up a large part of his property business. Continually adding residential properties to his portfolio, Sattar has developed great expertise in this area of the property market.

Sattar has also developed an interest in commercial properties, particularly those that are for rental purposes, personal use, and regeneration. Warehouses and commercial office buildings that are currently tenanted – but with the potential to be developed at a later date – are the focus for Xaviar Investments Limited’s commercial portfolio.

Under Sattar’s direction, Xavier Investments Limited is moving towards property development, which forms a major part of the business’s long-term plan. As part of this long-term strategy, Sattar has recently acquired his first development project: a property with planning permission. Sattar is currently in the early stages of developing a new block of flats on the land nearby, and this project will serve as a testing ground for the company’s move towards property development.

Outside his professional commitments, Sattar enjoys a variety of hobbies including shopping and eating out, with Chinese food being his favourite type of cuisine. Sattar also follows an active and healthy lifestyle, taking a daily walk or run, playing golf, and watching football.

Charity work is another important part of Sattar’s life, as he actively participates in charitable events and campaigns. The two most prominent charities for Sattar are Muslim Hands and the Lia Relief Trust, and he has been involved with these charities for a number of years.

Muslim Hands was created to alleviate poverty, addressing its root causes and helping to empower communities around the world. Serving those who are most vulnerable, Muslim Hands works on short and long-term projects to improve the lives of people living in poverty. Sattar has worked on several projects with the charity over the years, including vocational studies and its Palestinian appeal for food.

Having helped with emergency appeals for the Lia Relief Trust, this charity is also close to Sattar’s heart. The purpose of the charity is to design sustainable, long-term projects that will provide vulnerable people with the means to move beyond a life of poverty.

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