Tried, Tested And Certified, Nankhumwa Capable To Lead Malawi

Judging from his interaction with TTV’s Brian Banda on Times Exclusive interview, it is an understatement to say that Dr Nankhumwa deserves to lead DPP. The truth must be told; the guy qualifies to lead this country post May 2025.

His eloquency, composure and logic, proves without any grain of doubt that the guy is experienced in this sport and as far as local politics is concerned, Nankhumwa is by no doubt sitting at the apex.

By the way,
What makes Dr Nankhumwa unique?

  1. Resilience

He is the only politician on the land who has withstood and overcame all adversities in his political life.
He knows what he wants and he is a go-getter. Looking back at his track record, one would agree with him that, failure does not exist in his blood veins.

  1. He is principled and sticks to the same

Nankhumwa is a strong character, a man who doesn’t change his principles in thin or thick.
He was born a leader and he doesn’t fail in what ever project he lays his hands on. He understands which battles to fight and which ones to let go.

After losing power to the MCP led Tonse Alliance, the DPP fell into the darkest moments in its history. It was a period uncertainty and confusion coupled with paranoia. Confusion among leaders and office bearers was not a secret. Interestingly, Dr Nankhumwa stood his ground, and allowed no storm to shake even a grain of his hair.

  1. Disciplined

Dr. Nankhumwa is always calm regardless of any amount of provocation.
He doesn’t fight back those who trying to bring him down.
He tames his tongue and is thoughtful and calculative in his actions.

  1. Institutional Memory and experience

Dr Nankhumwa joined the mighty DPP when it was three years old. He was there throughout its cradle to maturity. He understands the foundations and structures of the party, making him an ideal leader after Professor Mutharika.

At a time when Malawi is bleeding as a result of President Chakwera’s ineptness and lack of direction from the part of Tonse Alliance government, Nankhumwa understands fully, what Chakwera is lacking. He is not a try and error kind of a leader and knows how to fix this country should he be given an opportunity.

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