Wirima hails MUST”s 2024-2030 strategic plan

Minister of Education Madalitso Kambauwa Wirima has described the newly launched the Malawi University of Science and Technology-MUST’s 2024-2030 strategic plan as a major milestone towards achieving Malawi 2063.

Wirima made the remarks on Wednesday at Bingu International Convention Centre-,BICC in Lilongwe during the launch of the plan, coined “ rethinking MUST” – a blueprint that will guide the University’s Authority in implementing its mandate of regulating, facilitating, and promoting education as it seeks to contribute to the government’s development agenda.

The Minister said this strategic plan has drawn insights from different critical education policies and guidelines including the Malawi 2063.

Wirima further extended her gratitude towards the university’s strategic plan by saying that it is going to tackle all the challenges that the university established through the situation analysis of both internal and external environments.

“The development process for the plan was premised on a situational analysis of both internal and external environments through which the University’s opportunities, threats, successes and prevalent challenges were established. I am, therefore, very hopeful that this strategic plan will be relevant because it is anchored on a strong foundation of both local and global perspectives and principles,” Wirima said.

She added: “it is usually contended that as Malawians, we are good at crafting very good policies, but very poor at implementing them. My appeal to us all is to shake off this label.”

In an interview, Wirima said the strategic plan is not benefiting only the university, but also the country as whole as it is aligning with the MIP-1 under the MW 2063 Agenda and the government also is taking part to provide support where the institutions have called on.

“The government already is supporting in a big way in institutions of higher learning, but I think there is more that we need to do. The fact that I was actually present at the function already speaks volume on the amount of support that we press in these institutions. So, we are always available if there is specific kind of support that they calling on government to provide we stand ready to do that,” Wirima reiterated.

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