Tuesday, February 27

AHL To Sell 30% Foreign Exchange To RBM

Reserve Bank of Malawi has ordered Auction Holdings Limited to begin a mandatory sale of 30 percent of it’s foreign exchange proceeds, generated from tobacco auction floors to RBM immediately at the prevailing exchange rate as a way of addressing the dwindling Forex situation in the country.

In a letter signed by the central banks Govonor Wilson Banda, dated 24th March, the decision has been arrived at due to market developments hugely contributed by the global pandemic covid 19, a thing that compelled the regulator to re-introduce an export proceeds surrender requirement as part of a solution.

Meanwhile, the central bank has been putting various measures in place in an effort to mitigate the country’s worsening forex situation including gold purchases.

The country’s import cover countinues to take a downward trend with latest at 6 weeks against the recommended requirement of 3 months.

However, RBM showed optimism that the situation will change, citing the contributing pressures are mostly short lived.

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