Friday, February 23

Muvi Pressure Group Demands Tonse Alliance Disbandment

By Vincent Gunde

President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera tell Malawians the truth, why failing to run the country

Muvi wa Chilungamo pressure group has demanded dissolution and divorce of the Tonse Alliance for one party to lead the remaining three years to 2025 for Malawi to see direction.
The pressure group said Malawians in 2019 to 2020 fought hard to oust from power one common enemy, the DPP, today the country is burning because of greed demanding the disbandment of the Alliance for one party to take over.

The group said in 2015, Malawians got angry with one President and one Party failing to end rampant corruption in the DPP led government saying the Tonse Alliance comprising of nine political parties and a Movement, have shown that they are not for the country but destruction.

Commander in Chief of the Pressure group who is also Pioneer of Mindset Change project, Bantu Saunders Jumah, has called upon President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera and his Vice, Dr. Saulosi Klaus Chilima to convene a meeting at Njamba in Blantyre, Masintha in Lilongwe and Katoto freedom Park in Mzuzu to tell Malawians the truth on why they are failing to run the country and apologize for a renewed hope.

Jumah has since asked Dr. Chakwera and Dr. Chilima to choose the country and not the Alliance saying there is need for a strong political decision, expressing fears that the Alliance has failed Malawi, the country is in cobwebs.

He said Malawi as a country is addicted to politics of regionalism, tribalism and nepotism making a Government of Alliance partners not work saying Malawians are not against the Tonse Government but the partners themselves are against the Tonse Alliance government hence, ideological sabotage.

The Commander in Chief said Malawi is the luckiest country only that political leaders take the ignorance of people, they are corrupt and are making the country poor by depending on free money which in the end chained the citizens to become slaves in their own country

…’’If the country was under one President and one Party, Malawi would have moved forward, there is infighting and sabotaging one another in the Alliance, hence a great need to disband the Alliance for one Party to go alone,’’…..said Jumah.

He said Tonse Alliance government promised to arrest all those who looted the public coffers to replace those that are languishing in the country’s Prisons for stealing chickens in 30 days, saying two years has passed in government, nothing has happened.

Jumah said the Tonse Alliance government has proved it all that ending corruption in Malawi campaign by political parties, has become a passport to woo votes from the electorate saying this had made the citizens lack ownership responsibility of their country.

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