Tuesday, February 27


Demand for access to easy and better Healthcare services around Chimbwinda area in Senior Chief Nthache in Mwanza West constituency forced Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Parliamentarian Honourable Joyce Chitsulo to prompt the government to construct the Chimbwinda Health Post. The Health Post will provide antenatal services for pregnant women and primary health services to the surrounding population.

It was all celebration on Monday, April 11, 2022 among the people of Chimbwinda and surrounding villages when the Health Post was officially inaugurated by the Guest of Honour, Honourable Dr. Matthews Ngwale who heaped praise on the MP for her love for her constituents in Mwanza West. Honourable Dr. Ngwale, who is also Chairperson of the Parliamentary Health Committee, specially thanked the Paiamentarian for buying and providing an ambulance at the Health Post, which will be used to transport critically ill patients and pregnant women who are due to deliver to the Mwanza District Hospital.

In her remarks, Honourable Chitsulo said the Health Post at Chimbwinda is a fulfillment of one of many campaign pledges, saying she was extremely excited to witness the inauguration of a project, which will have an incredible and positive impact on the people of the area. She said before the construction of the Health Post, people in the area used to walk long distances to access Healthcare services at Mwanza District Hospital and Thambani Health Centre, among others. Honourable Chitsulo thanked Senior Chief Nthache and other traditional leaders in the area for their facilitation role, which culminated in the construction of the Health Post, including providing enough land for the project. She pledged that on top of the ambulance donation, she would also provide fuel worth K300, 000 every month for the ambulance so that patients are easily taken to referral facilities without any hindrance due to the fuel unavailability.

The new Health Post has two members of staff, a Health Surveillance Assistant (HSA), George Chimungu and a nurse, Mervis Chiusiwa.

Senior Traditional Authority Nthache said he was excited “the dream had finally come true” and that his subjects will no longer be dying from treatable diseases. He encouraged the people of the area as well as the entire Mwanza Central to rally behind their MP Honourable Joyce Chitsulo whom he described as “development conscious”. He donated a goat to the MP as symbolic appreciation for the incredible service that the MP offers to the people of Mwanza West since she was voted as MP in 2019.

Other high-profile dignitaries at the colorful event included the District Commissioner (DC) for Mwanza, Malango Botomani, the Director of Health and Social Services Dr. Ireen Zuze, and Mwanza Police Station Officer-in-Charge, Kelvin Maigwa.

In her remarks, the DC urged the people of the area to be the true custodians of the Chimbwinda Health Post and properly look after it. She said she was optimistic that with the genuine commitment to serve her constituency that Honourable Chitsulo has, the Health Post would soon be upgraded to a fully-fledged health Centre and that the nearby junior primary school would become a full primary school.

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