Friday, February 23

Fuel Transporters Accused NOCMA Of Rendering Them Jobless

Some concerned fuel transporters have accused the National Oil Company of Malawi –Nocma- of rendering them jobless by favoring international transporters.

This was said yesterday during a meeting between the concerned fuel transporters and members of Parliamentary Committee on Natural Resources and Climate Change in Salima over a proposal that government should have 90 percent control of fuel imports through National Oil Company of Malawi -Nocma.

Speaking to MIJ Online Welani Chilenga, Chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee on Natural Resources and Climate Change-said the transporters complained that most of their colleagues have been rendered jobless because a lot of work is given to foreign transports.

He added that the concerned transporters also faulted the committee over its proposal for Nocma to be importing 90 percent of fuel in the country.

But Chilenga disclosed that the committee has resolved to meet all concerned stakeholders to address the issues.

He added that the committee has also urged the fuel transporters to vacate an injunction they obtained against the committee and Nocma.

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