Wednesday, February 28

“Free Mussa” Demo Emergency Briefing Sunday

Details are emerging that organizers of ‘Free Mussa John” demonstrations are planning to hold an emergency media briefing, tommorow, Sunday in Blantyre.

A member of the organizing team, who has tipped us on condition of anonymity, says they want to give the latest status of preparations towards the demos slated for Thursday, September 22.

But the source says the demos will still go on despite their lead organizer, Fredokiss, still under police custody over “financial crimes.

“Be assured that we are not surrendering. In fact, we have taken an extra mile in relation to the demos. Fredo’s arrest doesn’t mean we have all been arrested,” he says.

Meanwhile, we have further gathered that the organizers are meeting security personnel and Blantyre district council officials on Tuesday to plan the forthcoming demonstrations.

19-year-old Mussa John is currently serving a three year jail term for being found in possession of Indian Hemp.

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