Wednesday, February 28

Malawi, Tanzania Medical Specialists To Work Together

Malawian and Tanzanian medical specialists are expected to sign an agreement that will pave way for the two countries to work together in treating patients having life-threatening ailments including heart, kidney and orthopaedic issues.

Minister of Health, Khumbize Chiponda, told MBC on Wednesday that the neighbouring country is advanced in its health services and Malawi could greatly benefit from it.

The Minister pointed out that by working closely with Tanzania government will be saving a lot of funds that it uses to send patients to other countries like India for treatment.

“A team of Tanzanian specialist doctors will be in the country soon. They will visit Kamuzu and Queen Elizabeth Central hospitals to appreciate what we have and also the gaps our facilities have. They will also have discussions with their counterparts here, we have specialist doctors but they might not have the facilities… but in terms of knowledge, they are very knowledgeable so they will have discussions to see how best they can benefit from each other,” she said.

Speaking in a social media video clip, Tanzanian High Commissioner to Malawi, Humphrey Polepole said the agreement aims at bringing advanced medical specialisation to the people.

“The super specialists will do medical camp together with Malawian specialists. They will among others conduct screening and treatment for cardiac issues because such ailments are usually presented late. The idea is to bring specialised experts together. Having a Jakaya Kikwete Heart Institute in Tanzania on one side and QECH here in Malawi,” he said.

According to Chiponda, the agreement, to be signed early next year, further cements the cordial relationship between the two countries.

Malawi and Tanzania are already working together in many key development sectors like security, trade and transport among others.

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