Tuesday, February 27

Chakwera Creating Cholera Communication Chaos

CDEDI Executive Director, Sylvester Namiwa says it’s total chaos

Centre for Democracy and Economic Development Initiatives-CDEDI thinks the chaotic communication on suspension of schools opening in Blantyre and Lilongwe due to the ravaging Cholera outbreak could have been avoided if President Lazarus Chakwera saw the gravity of the problem and its subsequent required action in his New Year message Sunday evening.

This follows media reports that some parents learnt of the sudden suspension after their children were already on their way to their respective schools in the cities; inviting unnecessary panic and extra costs.

In a statement, CDEDI Executive Director, Sylvester Namiwa argues “the president has abdicated his constitutional powers and that some unknown people are running government affairs.”

In his speech, President Chakwera mentioned Cholera as one of the threats with potential to compromise the country’s resources.

But Monday morning, his Health Minister and Co-chairperson of his Committee on Covid-19 and Cholera, Khumbize Kandodo Chiponda said the opening of schools in the two cities would be delayed by less than two weeks.

Asks Namiwa: “Why did the president not make that announcement in his speech?”

State House has not commented on the CDEDI statement but education rights campaigners fear the abrupt decision to suspend classes will disadvantage learners expected to sit for national examinations this year.

As of Monday this week, Malawi had registered over 17,000 active cases and 595 deaths.

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