Friday, February 23

ACB Dents Image Of Innocent People

Never rains but pours, as the law society of Malawi has condemned the conduct of ACB graft body bursting for arresting people using hearsay evidence without thoroughly investigation to find concrete evidence,

The law society Malawi has condemned the ACB for arresting and handcuffing people on speculations, more people images have been destroyed and will take time to erase just because of the mistake ACB did and will cost billions of taxpayers money for compensations,
The current ACB made grave mistake and damaged the images of innocent business people on arresting just because disgruntled Facebook influencers have wrote on Facebook against someone, it’s vindicated that the current ACB is the worst ACB ever before and Malawi taxpayers money will be heavily paid for defamation,
The grave mistake done by the current ACB will milk all taxpayers money from account no 1 for compensations and Malawi will become poor and devaluation will hit Malawi hard

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