Friday, February 23

Chakwera Called To rejects Same Sex Marriages

A Grouping calling itself Concerned Citizens of Malawi has called upon the Country’s first Citizen Dr Lazarus McCathy Chakwera not to allow same sex relationships in the Country describe it as satanic.

A Grouping said this on Friday 5th May 2023 at New Nkhwazi Lodge in Blantyre where it held media briefing as one way to voice out their concerns over some people who have asked the Country’s judicial system to review Country’s laws on same sex marriages.

Speaking with the members of the media Chairperson of the grouping Oliver Nakoma said Malawi cannot allow strange behaviour to be done in the Country arguing that foreign behaviour is not accepted in a Country that calls itself a God fearing nation.

Nakoma further called upon the Citizens in the Country to hold mass demonstration on 23rd May 2023 where the Court is expected to hold a hearing on the matter.

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