Wednesday, February 28

AFORD Celebrates 30 Years Of Existence

Chihana says the day Lazarus Chakwera was declared winner in the 2020 Fresh Presidential Polls, he knew that marked the end of the Tonse Alliance.

He says , the only camps benefiting from the current government are members of UTM and MCP..

Chihana continues to claim that it is a fallacy for one to say AFORD is part of the current government.
Chihana says AFORD is a party of people from all walks of life hence its current form in regaining popularity.

He has since shrugged off sentiments that his party is getting funds from proponents of same sex marriage.

He says Malawians should be let to live their lives without influences from external forces.

Chihana has therefore spoken strongly against same sex marriage saying his party will never be in support of the same.
Finally Chihana says his party will hold its convention in September this year to elect new office bearers.

He says greedy among some members of the party almost led to the death of the party.

However, Chihana says currently the party will do all it can to regain its popularity.

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