Wednesday, February 28

Disband ACB Replace With Another Corruption Fighting Body

Comrade jumbe writes…

Greetings fellow citizens,

We now know it too well that the ACB is good for nothing it is just useless body which is there to serve their political masters.

Do we have any good reason as the country to keep pumping our taxpayer’s money for running this body? Is it not the waste of our resources?

Ministry of Agriculture has become corruption ministry with it”s own corruption minister,our billions and billions are going under the drain ,where Is the ACB??

Instead of fighting corruption ACB is the government machinary of fighting political opponents of their masters.

We are calling upon our parliament and good citizens to immediately fire the director of the ACB Martha chizuma and completely disband this body if we are to protect and defend our country. it is a country first.

We shal replace the ACB with another corruption fighting body which will seriously fight corruption in this country, no any politician will have mandate to appoint or to oversee the affairs of the new corruption fighting body it will be us the ordinary citizens responsible.

The pen is mightier than a sword.

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