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ACB Boss Martha Chizuma threatens whistleblower Gosten Chinseu on UTM cars’ probe

The embattled Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) Director General is reportedly threatening Gosten Chinseu who provided to ACB information on the 44 cars purchased by UTM.

Chinseu told this publication that he feels threatened by Chizuma who has been calling her lately to ask more on a news story that revealed of the files on the issue being missing.

UTM party vehicles probe
A couple of weekends ago, Weekend Nation newspaper reported that files on the UTM vehicles have gone missing at ACB, a story in which Chinseu was quoted as confirming the development.

Earlier that week ACB had invited Chinseu to record from him another statement, an exercise he labeled redundant because he had provided the same information three months prior.

After the story was published Chizuma called Chimseu expressing her irritation towards the story saying it taints the image of her office.

“She called unexpectedly and we spoke for some 12 minutes and 38 seconds. The entire call was spine-chilling for me because I did not understand why a whole ACB boss would call someone who already recorded a statement with the bureau.

Chizuma under fire over leaked audio
“My only sin in this case was granting an interview to the reporter when they sought my comment. Honestly, I feel I am not the right person to be speaking with ACB officials besides what I already gave them,” worries Chinsewu.

He added that Chizuma’s tone and condescending attitude throughout the call was unsettling.

“I feel she was trying to intimidate me so that I probably should resist from following up the issue or giving any more interviews to the media. I would think twice to pick up her calls again in future with what I have experienced,” he says.

The whistleblower, however, says he will seek a logical conclusion to his complaint and is ready to provide more information to ACB to ensure that the issue is not swept under the carpet.

Efforts to get reaction from Chizuma on several attempts on Chimseu claims proved futile as we went to press.

Chinseu came into limelight when he exposed Vice President Saulos Chilima and his UTM party for purchasing 44 cars that are believed to be part of corruption proceeds.

The vehicles have been registered in the name of Khwesi Msusa, a long-time friend and confidant of the Vice President.

There have been worries from the general public that Chizuma seems to be too lenient towards the Vice President and his party, a behavior that makes it hard for any issues involving the Vice President to see the light of day.

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