AFORD Crash Malawi Police Service For Attempting To Stop The Rally

Alliance for Democracy (Aford) leader Enoch Chihana has taken a swipe at Malawi Police Service for allegedly attempting to stop his rally.

He was speaking at Chilimampunga Ground in Lilongwe’s Mtandile Township during a mega political rally the party held.

According to Chihana, the freedom that Chakufwa Chihana fought for was to allow people to say whatever they wanted.

Chihana claims that the party received a call from the law enforcement agents in the morning today, calling off his meeting.

“Iwe ndi ndani kuti ukanikitse msonkhano wa mwana wa Chihana?” he asked.

Chihana has since called for a Federal System of government which would allow Malawians to get various development activities they want in their respective areas.

According to Chihana, all the governments that have a federal system of government are rich, citing examples of the US, Germany and South Africa.

Chihana says democracy in Malawi is not working because too much power is concentrated in the Central Government.

He has called for a complete overhaul of Malawi’s budgeting system, describing the current budget debate as macheza.

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