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Anti-Chakwera planned demonstrations in Mangochi Ill-Timed

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Anti-Chakwera planned demonstrations in Mangochi are being described as ill-timed arguing they are being propelled by people with political interests.

A grouping trading under the banner, Human Rights Ambassadors-HRA has organized the demos to force President Lazarus Chakwera to resign or call for a referendum.

Some residents from the district however fear that protests bring businesses to a standstill and that thieves take advantage of the situation to loot other people’s properties.

Meanwhile, another grouping called Forum for Democracy and Rights Defenders is faulting the organisers of the said demos.

Shaibu Abdul Rahman Ajassie who is the chairperson for the forum argues that this is not the right time to protest since the leadership is doing everything possible to stabilize the economy.

HRA officials were not immediately available for a comment.

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