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Ashok sued Martha Chizuma personally, not ACB office”- Bon Kalindo

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The country political activist Bon Kalindo popularly known as Winiko has come out cocoon defending Ashok for suing Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) Director General Martha Chizuma over leaked audio.

Kalindo argues that Ashok suing Chizuma is nothing to do with ACB office.

The former UTM Youth Director wonders how some civil society organizations and individuals are confusing the nation with the wrong court summon on ACB office.

Chizuma being sued for defamation

Kalindo blushed purportedly demonstration against Ashok who has been injured with Chizuma’s allegation of corruption.

In an audio to the public on Thursday, February 24, 2022, he hinted that his grouping could not be part demonstration which are contempt of court saying the matter has not yet heard by the sitting judge

“I have been forced to retaliate on the questions people have been asking on why i was not present on the press briefing on the matter of Martha Chizuma being sued.

“I just don’t act any how; I follow the laws of the land. This issue does not concern the country. It’s about a person suing another person. If it was that it was ACB that was involved I could be on the forefront backing the matter,” says Kalindo

He added, “This is a personal matter. If you remember after the audio was leaked I released a statement telling Martha Chizuma to tell the nation the truth but instead Malawians on social media rebuked me without mercy and understanding.

“I say over and over again that office that Chizuma is holding needs someone who is able to keep secrets, someone with integrity but because Malawians act without understanding the matter and because you said I have been eating Ashok’s money, now am quite”

Concludes Kalindo, “If you want, go to the streets but this is useless to me, leave me alone. Chizuma just showed the nation that she cannot hold that position”.

Chizuma is currently facing three legal battles over the leaked phone conversation last month.

First lawsuit comes from Ashok Nair, seeking damages over alleged defamatory statements emanating from the audio and this was filed at Lilongwe Magistrates court.

A grouping called Forum for National Development and Rafiq Nembo are also pushing for criminal case against Chizuma.

Judiciary Spokesperson Gladys Gondwe confirmed that the complaint was filed at the Chief Resident Magistrate court in Blantyre.

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