Ben Longwe advises soldier’s party loyalists resign

Lyton Mangochi arrested for the offense of speaking the truth

A Human right activist, Sir Charles Ben Longwe has advised MDF soldiers who entered the Army through sponsorships of political parties to resign in order to save the image of government and the Army not to be dragged into politics.
Longwe has urged Malawians to say No to Rwandan President Paul Kagame’s leadership and not to give any space to mafias to rule Malawi through threatening people claiming that the people of Karonga and Mzuzu made President Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera to be where he is today.
He said it is sad that President Chakwera instead of thanking the people of Karonga for voting him into government, he has turned against them by sending MDF soldiers to be beating and whipping them in their own country.
Speaking through an audio clip circulating in various social media platforms, Longwe said there are some MDF soldiers who are discharging their duties professionally commending them for doing a good job to the country saying these soldiers deserve a special Guard of Honour.
Longwe has described MDF soldiers who went to arrest and tortured Mr. Lyton Mangochi in Karonga as tissues of political parties saying a good soldier should be siding with Malawians that are in pain and suffering for their country gone to the dogs.
He has asked MDF soldiers that what is it that President Chakwera has done warranting them to go to the house of Mr. Lyton Mangochi in the wee hours to arrest him claiming that soldiers are still in their old uniforms and gumboots escorted their Commander in Chief to the State House and to this day, they are there.
The Activist said MDF soldiers work for the government to protect the state and citizens saying constitutionally there is no clause which allow soldiers to be harassing unarmed civilians advising those who are harassing citizens in the name of MDF to resign.
He has urged people of Karonga to declare the whole Karonga district a ‘’NO GO ZONE’’ district for President Chakwera and his MCP claiming that Mr. Lyton Mangochi was representing the voiceless citizens that are being whipped ten times to cross Chirumba Barracks with their soya and maize.
……’’Mr. Lyton Mangochi was speaking nothing but the truth that Malawians are being beaten and whipped by MDF soldiers at Chirumba he was arrested and tortured for speaking the truth,’’….said Longwe.
He said even though Mr. Lyton Mangochi has been released from the hands of MDF soldiers, he was not released in good faith claiming that he was forced to apologize for no offence committed advising the Karonga people to mobilize themselves and demonstrate against the conduct of MDF soldiers.
Longwe said President Chakwera and his MCP has declared war with the Karonga people assuring him that he will be stoned with an advice that if he wants to visit his soldiers at Chirumba Barracks in the district, he has to use by-pass route through Lake Malawi and not by road.

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