Wednesday, February 28

Injuction Vacated-DPP

The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has obtained a stay order restricting the operation of an injunction the High Court in Lilongwe granted to the party’s deputy director of political affairs Billy Malata seven days ago.

The injunction Malata obtained through his lawyer Wapona Kita stopped the party’s national governing council (NGC) meeting which was slated for June 24 in Mangochi.

DPP spokesperson Shadric Namalomba has confirmed obtaining the stay order and has further told Nation Online the party leadership will be convening anytime to map the way forward.

“What it means is that the party can now proceed with its NGC meeting but since we have just received the court order the leadership will be meeting to discuss the next course of action,” said Namalomba.

The injunction which was granted by Justice Howard Pemba dated June 22 2023, restrained the party’s secretary general Grezelder Jeffrey, its spokesperson Shadric Namalomba and the DPP from holding the NGC until a further order of the court.

According to a sworn statement by Malata, who is also a member of the NGC, he received a new list of members of the NGC to attend the meeting which included 20 people who he said were not supposed to be part of the list.

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