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British Hands off Malawi

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Malawians are not fools, we should not allow the British to use us as their condoms.

NCA is not a global crime agency, it it a British national crime agency.

NCA doesn’t have any across the boarder mandate to allow them to come here

Do we have NCA in our constitution of malawi as our institution to do corruption investigations here?

Which law is ACB is using to allow these British NCA to come here to do their illegal investigations?

The British are repeating the same mission they failed with late Dr Hastings Kamuzu who broke the stink British federation,

The British tried to play with late Bingu Wa Mutharika to repeat the same mistakes they failed in Kamuzu’s era Bingu wa Mutharika sealed ACB and kept the keys, and expelled the British envoy, I liked late Dr Bingu Wa Mutharika no nosense President,

Now the British are with President Chakwera administration neck to neck, these British NCA are here to finish the tonse administration led by President Chakwera and his vice Dr Chilima,

The President act before too late seal the ACB now

our fore fathers chased them away already for us in 1961. Let them have their satanic money and leave Malawi alone.

The British are heavily bankrolling social media influencers and some online news outlets to dent images of innocent Judges, lawyers, politicians, religious leaders, journalists, business people and others including head of state and his vice with smear campaign of corruption ,

Malawi can do better without the british,

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