CAMA faults Illovo Sugar Malawi for raising sugar prices.

Amidst the adjustments of sugar prices in the country, Consumer Association of Malawi-CAMA has dismayed the development saying; it will affect poor citizenry.

In a statement dated Tuesday 23 April 2024, signed by CAMA’s Executive Director, John Kapito, expressed dismay over this situation.

In part reads the statement: “We are shocked with the recent Sugar price increase which has come after the recent manipulated sugar supply scarcities that pushed prices beyond the reach of many Consumers, this is a confirmation of the ongoing market dominance and abuse by Illovo Sugar Malawi Ltd as a monopoly or major sugar producer and distributor.

“This recent scarcities of sugar on the market were deliberately done by Illovo Sugar knowing fully that they will use the scarcities to create demand and increase their prices which is a total abuse of its dominance of the Sugar market and assisted and facilitated by the Ministry of Trade that has behaved helpless and clueless during these sugar scarcities.

“The recent sugar scarcities are not supposed to be the reasons to push sugar prices up, the current sugar prices on the parallel market should not be used as the basis for pushing up sugar prices and Consumers should not be punished with high prices because of the scarcity that has been manipulated.

“Illovo Sugar being the major supplier of sugar on the market are supposed to be under market scrutiny by the Ministry of Trade to protect Consumers from these market abuses.

”The Government’s protection of monopolies like Illovo Sugar is negatively hurting Consumers and must be put under serious market scrutiny and Government should immediately identify alternatives and allow competition of the Sugar market for the benefit of Consumers.”

On 22nd April 2024, Illovo Sugar Company adjusted the prices of sugar. A 1 kg packet of brown sugar is now selling at 2300 kwacha, up from 2000 kwacha.

A 1 kg packet of white sugar is now at 2600 kwacha, up from 2250 kwacha. People in the country have been facing persistent sugar crisis, a situation some traders have taken advantage of.

The traders are selling the product at almost double the normal price.

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