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CAMA Warns Malawians Tough Times Ahead, As Inflation Continues To Rise

The Consumers Association of Malawi (CAMA) is warning the general public of tough times ahead, as inflation continues to rise.

Commodity prices have continued on an upward spiral as the inflation rate maintains an upward trajectory.

Inflation has gone up by 0.9 % points to reach 25.5 % in the month August from 24.6 % in July.

CAMA Executive Director, John Kapito, cautions the public against imprudent spending as the trend seems set to persist.

Soaring food prices have been pushing the rate upwards over the past 10 months with food inflation currently sitting at 33.4 %.

According to the authorities, the public should expect the inflationary pressures to continue, due to challenges stemming from Ukraine War-induced global supply chain disruptions

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