Car Burglar Busted

Lilongwe Police Station has apprehended Kelvin Hassan, 37, on suspicion that he has been behind a series of car breakings and theft of valuable items such as laptops, cellphones, and money among others, at Lilongwe Sana Megashop carpark which is situated near Kamuzu Central Hospital roundabout.

Police say on the material day at around 6 pm, the suspect broke into a motor vehicle belonging to one of the Sana Megashop managers and started looking for valuables to steal.

It took police intervention who quickly responded to the events to rescue the suspect as angry people bayed for his blood.

During interrogation, Hassan told police that he is also behind similar cases at Chipiku Stores and other carpark places in town.

He will appear in court soon to answer multiple charges of breaking and theft.

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