Catholic Church Celebrates National Vocational Sunday

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Youths have been challenged to take up challenging roles in the church and society to realise their full potential in church and national service.

The call was made during this year’s Catholic National Vocation Sunday commemorations that were held at Our Lady of Victory Parish at Madisi in Lilongwe Archdiocese,

Archbishop George Desmond Tambala said young people are a vital organ for the church and there is a need that they take up vital positions.

Tambala also cautioned the youth against abuse of social media which he said is contributing to immoral behaviours among the youths.

In his reaction chairperson for the youth in the Archdiocese of Lilongwe, Chisomo Nkhoma said the youth have accepted the challenge and called on his fellow youth to make bold decisions of complimenting church work which is vital in preparing them to be responsible citizens.

Vocation Sunday is a day that encourages youths to serve God by joining a Vocation of their choice in the Church and it has been celebrated under the theme “Hearts on fire, feet on the move.”

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