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Chakwera’s Administration No Solution To The Current Economic Challenges

Consumers Association of Malawi (CAMA) claims PresidentLazarus Chakwera’s led administration has no capacity to solve current socio-economic challenges that have rocked the country.

Its Executive Director, John Kapito says the president himself does not live by his words.

“The President comes from a background where his entire life he promised people heaven and none held him accountable and demonstrated against him…” argues Kapito in a statement.

The statement has further hit hard on what it calls indecisiveness that the president has demonstrated in the past two years he has been in power.

Kapito alleges her president charged, convicted and punished his vice, Saulos Chilima over corruption allegations, yet he (Chakwera) said his actions would be coming upon having tangible evidence in any case leveled against any individual.

CAMA questions where the evidence is in the Vice President’s case that made Chakwera stop delegating Chilima.

The association has also suggested that there should be an independent body that has to investigate the latest Affordable Input Program-AIP saga where it is being alleged that government has lost huge sums of money to middlemen in its bid to buy fertilizer.

The statement has since called on the president to act by his words, despite the fact that a lot of corruption cases and allegations have surrounded his personal friends and family members.

Information Minister Gospel Kazako is yet to comment but has repeatedly pleaded with Malawians to exercise some patience saying the administration is working on addressing challenges haunting the nation and keeps promising of a better Malawi ahead.

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