Chizuma Arrest Angers Chakwera

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President Chakwera has, this morning, shouted at his Minister of Homeland Security over the arrest of the ACB Director, Martha Chizuma.

Sources close to the Minister of Homeland security has informed Shire Times that when the Minister received the call from the President who questioned why the State House was not informed of such a high-profile arrest.

The Minister, says the source, pleaded ignorance of the development saying was not aware of the development until seeing it on the social media.

Meanwhile, the President has instructed the Minister to summon the Inspector General of Police to explain the incident.

Actual details relating to the arrest of Chizuma are yet to be released by the police, but sources close to the operation say the ACB Director has been arrested for breaking oath of office in which she allegedly disclosed operations of her office to unauthorized person.

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