Corrupt Questionable Activists, Kalindo And Others Driven By Money

At the time, Kalindo accused President Chakwera and Vice President Saulos Chilima for what he described as [their failure] to uphold the rule of law especially on the issue of Chizuma whose leaked audio was a contentious issues then as it is now.

He said: “Chizuma is not untouchable.She is here to protect the law and the court has given a go ahead for investigations into the audio to commence. If she is the person of integrity she must resign or I call upon the President to fire her”

Kalindo was heard in his recorded audio [which was circulating on social media] calling for Chizuma’s head due to her violation of oath of secrecy and her lack of integrity in the famous leaked audio in which she was discussing confidential information with a private citizen.

At the time,Malawians of good moral standing almost agreed with Kalindo that Chizuma’s conduct lacked moral uprightness and sound judgement required for such an important office.

Ten months down the lane Kalindo has suddenly changed tune.This time around he is calling for government to drop Chizuma’a charges and he is asking for ACB to be independent.

Writing in a Press release on his poorly patronised planned demonstrations called PAYERE PAYERE which took place on 27 January, Kalindo demands that President Chakwera should leave Chizuma alone so that she exercises her duties freely and restore the lost glory at ACB.

Of course, it is said that time changes people and Kalindo must have changed his perspective of things in last ten monts but coming from a background where he told ZBS’s Cruise 5 that “ndibudula mmemo umenewo” meaning he will sabotage this government for not thanking him enough for the role he played during the 2020 elections, one would not be surprised by his disgruntled overtures.

Crucially, his inconsistency can only mean one thing. He has been palm-oiled.

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