Death Penalty Bill Ready For Parliament

Minister of Justice Titus Mvalo has disclosed that the government is ready to take the Death Penalty Bill to parliament, having done thorough consultations on whether the death penalty should be abolished or upheld.

Since 1994, there has been no President in the country that has signed for the death sentence, so in essence, the law has been dormant for close to 27 years.

According to Mvalo, the death sentence has not been useful to this country, hence the government is of the view that it should be abolished.

He said currently, the country has no person on death row as the president pardoned all of them.

On the contrary, Muslim Association of Malawi Chairperson Sheikh Chabulika said the country should uphold the death penalty.

He said abolishing the death sentence only looks at perpetrators’ rights rather than those of the family of the deceased.

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