Demonstrations Put On Hold Await Chakwera To Come Back From SADC

Action Against Impunity – AAI has put on hold its demonstrations expected to be held on Thursday 18th August, citing President Lazarus Chakwera’s travel to DRC.

One of its members, CDEDI Executive Director Slyvester Namiwa, says they want to deliver their petition to the President and it will not make sense to proceed in the president’s absence.

The demonstrations are aimed at reminding the President to fulfill campaign promises, especially on reduction of power and immunity in the presidency.

The grouping warns some District Commissioners that are trying to block their protests.

On the other hand the grouping say they want Director of Public Prosecution, Secretary to Treasury, IFMS Director, Accountant General, Minister of Mines and Accountant General’s Human Resource Manager to step down to pave way for investigations on the Accountant Generals alleged mismanagement of funds, arguing failure to do this will force them to hold vigils at Capital Hill.

They have also asked the Minister of Energy to consider not hiking the electricity tariffs as Malawians are already going through economic challenges.

They have also demanded that the Homeland Security Ministry to start acting immediately on the relocation of refugees and asylum seekers.

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